Anna Kitney

Lydia has the midas touch. Her coaching programme has brought magic into my life, my business and performance. She’s a world class coach and trainer, she pushes you outside your comfort zone to succeed. Her intuitive insight is always spot on, and can rapidly understand and address any challenge with ease and grace.

Anna KitneyCEO of Bourgeon
Lady Dynamite

Working with Lydia has been a total honour.

“Her wisdom & her wonderful ‘ways’ have enriched & empowered me both personally & professionally, on several levels. Her kind and completely honest approach, produces quick and positive results, whilst her techniques are therapeutic and extremely down to earth & friendly. Lydia’s energy is warm, bubbly, bold and beautiful, I would recommend her ( and do recommend her) to any & everyone. My time with her really has been a life-changing experience, an absolute blessing.”

Lady DynamiteSinger and Songwriter
Glynn Ryland

“Lydia is an exceptionally talented trainer, particularly working with young people. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious and she quickly creates a unique space for learning in her sessions…

What is most impressive about Lydia (apart from her laugh!) is how she brings the training group together to experience and learn from each other. We truly enjoy having Lydia on our 4Talent Days and would thoroughly recommend her.

Glynn RylandIndustry Talent Manager, Channel Four
Paul Canoville

Lydia encouraged me to share my story on deeper level to a corporate and global audience. She successfully managed the PR and marketing of ‘An Audience with Paul Canoville’ and created a collaboration with Ernst & Young. I was positioned to talk about my journey of overcoming abuse and addiction, and raise awareness on mental health in sports, a subject very close to my heart. Thank you, I look forward to working together in the near future.

Paul Canoville Chelsea’s First Black Football Player
Pome Knight

Lydia has played a vital role in helping me set up my new Health Practice. Within the last few months of joining her private programme, I’ve received professional training in presentation skills, which lead to me being featured on a talk show on SKY Channel as an expert.  My credibility in the health sector has increased and made a positive impact to my following globally, online and offline. Lydia is a force to be reckoned with and I thank her.

Pome KnightThe Medical Expert
Jeff Brazier

Lydia’s programmes are comfortable and conversational, she helped me realise I already possessed all of the answers within, she as supported me to find out what I needed whenever life got complicated. I highly recommend her, Lydia is a professional you can rely upon.

Jeff BrazierITV Presenter, Coach, Author
Raspreet Sagoo

Lydia has been an endless pillar of support and inspiration to me, she coached and helped me launch my new holistic practice, and secured my first speaking engagement at a high profile event. Recently she helped me put together my very first event., which was a sell out, after implementing her strategies. Lydia has a beautiful way of supporting, coaching and mentoring you to breakthrough any glass ceilings you have created for yourself!

Lydia has a wealth of knowledge and experience in running her own events and business that she is not afraid to share with you.  She’s full of ideas, advice and tips. The thing I love about working with Lydia is that she puts you right out of your comfort zone, but supports you fully while you’re out there.

Raspreet SagooHolistic Health Therapist, Divine Sacred Soul

In my role with the University of Sunderland I am tasked with improving the aspirations of graduates and supporting them in gaining professional level employment. We have found that that many students lack confidence and self belief. What I particularly liked about Lydia was that she listened and supported the students to help them to figure out a plan for themselves. I have no doubt that students gained a great deal from their time with her.

What I particularly liked about Lydia was that she took the time to listen and support the students and really help them to figure out a plan for themselves. She stayed with us for two more hours delivering group coaching with the students which was invaluable. I have no doubt the students have gained a great deal from their time with Lydia and I hope we can work together again.

Joanna MakepeaceGraduate Support Manager, University of Sunderland
Kimberlee Joy Collicutt

Lydia coached me at point in my life when I was at a big crossroads. She quieted my busy mind, focused my thoughts and guided me to take the right direction needed to move forward me in my acting career. After my sessions with her, everything literally transformed and led me to believe in myself again and I am truly grateful.

Kimberlee Joy CollicuttActress
Leigh Fergus

Before I even began to work with Lydia I just felt I was going to be fully supported and about to hit the bulls eye! The energy from being in her presence alone is truly transforming, and I don’t say that with any exaggeration! In just 90 days she took me from being fearful, unsure and frustrated in my career to being driven by my passion, enabling me to position myself higher .

Leigh FergusEvening Standard Live
Sasha Shantel

I have worked with Lydia for a number of years and she is a major talent. She really cares about people and wants them to advance but what is more vital is that she has tried and tested methods to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be. Lydia has supported my online magazine In-spire LS from the very start, providing me with golden opportunities to attend exclusive events and phenomenal feature opportunities. Lydia has also provided me with insightful content for the In-spire LS Magazine site. She is honestly a talented coach, and a incredible woman

Sasha ShantelEditor In-spireLS Magazine
Linzy Attenborough

Lydia gave an empowering talk aimed at women and after hearing her motivational speech, I invited her to be a guest on the television programme I produced called ‘A Different Kind of Woman’ on a SKY channel. I was so impressed with her abilities to inspire, that I invited her to be a regular guest speaker on the show. I would highly recommend her as a business coach and TV expert.

Linzy AttenboroughTV Producer

My life “plans” were just ideas.

Things I wanted but never really had the mindset or self belief to go for them. Lydia helped me formulate a “living plan” for all that I want to achieve, personally and professionally.

On the days when I feel my goals aren’t achievable I refer back to my “living plan” and get back on track. Coaching is like a hand digging deep inside and pulling out the real you, without the external noise of daily life. It’s a look into the future, with a sign that says “I’m yours, own it.”

Annette WilliamsCivil servant