Starting Over

September is around the corner and I want to tell you that it’s not too late to turn 2015 into your best year. Some people entered this year knowing what they want, whilst others conceal their desires beneath a surface of anxiety and fear; with an intense lack of self belief holding them back.

I am here to inspire, motivate and tell you it’s never too late to draw a line in the sand and leave the past behind. Before change can occur, it is important to understand what you want and how to create it. Are you ready to face the doubt and insecurity staring you in the eyes?

Before moving you forward let’s look into what ‘starting over’ actually means. It’s finding the courage to look over a set of circumstances with fresh eyes, seeking the support to help warm you from the cold.
What prevents so many from starting over, is a small yet affirmative voice that whispers in your ear  ‘don’t be silly, you can’t do it, it’s too late for you, do you really think you’re clever enough? what will others say?’ There will be so many questions of opposition coming at you from yourself and those around you. You see, up until this point everyone in your life has become used to you being the person they know you to be.

How do your family, friends and colleagues perceive you? Are you the people pleaser, craving to be loved by all yet hardly giving yourself time to love yourself? Or are have you been on the same train of predictability for so long you find yourself wondering: ‘why rock the boat?’

Do you ever hear a different voice that wants to stand up for you? The voice that is willing to fight against the negatives. It continuously reminds you of those hidden passions within your heartbeat, you reminisce over a dream, the voice leads you towards that notebook of ideas you wrote all those years ago.
Whatever distraction life brings, do you find there is yearning pulling you to listen to that courageous voice within? the one telling you to’ just go for it’  That tug of war between the negative and the positive.
I will guide and equip you to make a difference to your life. Go to the mirror, now and ask ‘How much to do I want to change?’  ‘How much do I want my life to be different’

New paths are about measuring how much you want to do something, it’s important to separate fantasy from reality. If you constantly hear that still sweet voice directing you towards your dream, vision or plans. If you hear that still voice as you travel to work, whilst watching TV and in conversations, I believe you have the desire to start over, recognise the signs as vital indicators which are telling you it’s time.

I want you to ask you some more investigative questions.

What lead you to where you are now, the job you’re doing. Did you find it or did you fall into it?
Does your relationship bring you happiness or are you waiting for extra commitment?
Are you healthy enough or do you keep saying next month I’m going to eat those green?

There is no time like the present to start over, below are some suggestions.
A. Assign an ambassador into your life, a person who will coach, mentor, listen and move from comfort to discomfort, take time to find someone to sew positive seeds into your life.

B. Research the areas of your life that need change. Ask pertinent questions of yourself, be honest, don’t fool yourself. You can lie to others but you have to live with the decisions you make.

C. Get on with it, no moan and groan society; you can write the perfect strategy, in reality we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, remember if we’re given a blessing of a new day, we can control  our state of mind, our mentality is our reality.

D. Remember change is all about perspective, determination, unwavering faith;  be surrounded by the right people, new faces. Do something new… step out of the zone.

E. Be willing to be introspective, take some risks, get inspired, if you look hard enough you will find those people who have transitioned. Get brave and communicate, discover how others did it, people love sharing their success stories.

You owe it to yourself to uncover who you are and what your purpose is. Let go of some of the old and invite in some of the new.

I hope this inspires your new beginning of what you need to ‘Start Over’ in September 2015.

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