Spring Clean Your Mind!

The month of April is like a breath of fresh air; a month where we rise up and clean our surroundings – especially our homes. Perhaps you plan to finally declutter your loft, cut the grass in the garden that was abandoned during the winter, or sort though the box of junk that sits in the corner of your room. One thing that we can say for sure about this season of cleaning is that when it’s over, we are left feeling refreshed and renewed, ready to start the second quarter of the year.

This can all be linked back to you. In other words, the season of Spring Cleaning can be your chance to clean your home and also clear your mind of – self-imposed limitations, and unwanted seeds of doubt. Clear it of apprehension and hesitation towards your goals. There are so many ways in which you can clear your mind and bring yourself closer to who you really are and where you want to be in life mentally, physically, and financially.

You can clear your mind by locating your problem areas and doing your best to fix them. Write a list of things you like about yourself, and then write a list of things you don’t like as much, or the things that require improvement. Then, underneath this list, go through each item and write down how you can fix the problem.

For example, if you don’t like the fact that you tend to run late for work, you can fix the problem by organising your morning the night before in order to leave the house earlier. If you don’t like the dynamics between you and your colleagues, organise a get together on Friday evening to learn more about them and iron out misunderstandings. You will find that as you write this list, the solutions become obvious and achievable.

Writing problems down for yourself to see puts them in a different light, so you can see them from a different perspective. This enables you to find solutions where you couldn’t before. As a result, you will find a clarity of mind in the areas where your problems used to reside.

Spring Cleaning can represent new beginnings, and new beginnings can start new ideas. You can clear your mind by grasping new ideas to push out old ones that may have been blocking creative thought processes. If you want to get a hold of these new ideas, spend more time outside. Our culture makes staying indoors where it’s warm and cosy very attractive, and we miss out on creative opportunities because of this.

If you want to clear your mind, make it a point of action to leave your house everyday – not just to go to work. Instead, leave your house for the purpose of being at one with nature and discovering new things about yourself as you walk around in your area. You can also find inspiration from your external surroundings; what more from natural environments themselves! As you breathe in the fresh air during the reception of these creative thoughts, you will feel a renewal happening inside of you.

Self-evaluation is another way to Spring clean your mind, as you cannot improve if you don’t know what you need to improve on. By keeping track of where you have been and bearing in mind where you want to go, you will see an acceleration in your journey from cloudy mind to clear, and from let-downs to success.

The best way to evaluate yourself is by keeping a journal and writing in it during both troubling and exciting times. Write about what you have done, and the things you are proud of achieving. You can also write about the areas that you struggle in. Writing in your journal consistently will lay before you your patterns of behaviour, and possibly what you have done to affect your outcomes. As a result, an awareness of what you need to change and what you need to continue to do will arise.

Implementing these tips to your lifestyle this Spring will change your outlook on life, and your lines of action. Your clear mind will then begin to reflect your clean surroundings.

Have a lovely Spring.

Coach Lyds


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