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I’m sure you’ve all noticed the leaves falling now it’s the start of autumn. As the seasons change, it’s important to take time out of our busy schedules and reflect about where we are right now. Compared to this time last year, what has changed in your life? Look back over the last 10 months, and ask yourself: are you where you want to be?
If the answer happens to be a no, then my question for you is: how are you going to use the two months you have left to your benefit? How are you going to make sure you end 2015 well? There are people who tell me about their dissatisfaction with their progress. As you all know, I’m direct and straight to the point. I ask them, have they found a coach or mentor?  Or have they booked a place on a course? Have they invested in themselves in some way at all?
And the surprising thing is that they haven’t.These are the same people who spend money shopping on new clothes, new shoes, new accessories. Now look, I love a new pair of shoes as much as the next person. It’s great, you look hot, you feel good… but after a while the good feelings wear off. It’s a temporary fix. And as the months go by you find yourself stuck in the same place.

I have clients who say they wish they had met me a year ago, because within their year progress was not made. A year unfulfilled. Please don’t let your year be wasted.

I’ve always said I want to be around the people who invest in themselves. That’s because those are the people who are going to go the furthest in life.

Talking about all this, a good friend once asked me, ‘Would one meal a week sustain you?’ Let me put that question back to you. If you only ate one meal a week, would that sustain you? if you had only one meditation session, said one positive affirmation, or one prayer a week… can that state of inner malnutrition sustain you?

Of course, it can’t.

But look — at the end of the day, we can talk about it all we like. Talk is cheap. You know that I’m all about action.

You may have seen on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that I just spent a weekend in a course with none other than Les Brown, one of my biggest role models.
Let me tell you, as soon as I found out about the event, I booked my seat in that room straight away. That’s because I knew I was investing in myself. I knew that I would not only meet my role model, but also meet a whole host of other driven, focussed people who are going on incredible journeys.That’s why, as the seasons change, I’m delivering The Feel Good Factor on November 11th. This is meditation and on-the-spot coaching, but it’s also a chance to take stock and make the most of your year and not let it slip by, another year wasted. Now is the time to take action.

Do you believe The Feel Good Factor is what you need but you haven’t booked a ticket yet? I have to ask you: what’s the delay? Why leave it to the last minute?

It makes me ask the question: what other parts of your life are you leaving to the last minute?

To fill you in on The Feel Good Factor, it’s an evening session where we take time out of our hectic lives to ramp up our inner wellbeing and energy with some of the deepest meditation you will ever experience.And when your energy levels are topped up, I will be answering all your hardest and most pressing questions about your challenges in a session of on-the-spot coaching. This is an exclusive chance to get some life-changing answers directly from me and make a change in 2015.
My last point before I let you go is a reminder. It’s something I’ve been contemplating a lot as the year closes. Just as we reflect on the last ten months, it’s also important to acknowledge that no one knows what’s around the corner.  We all only have one journey. Let’s make the most of it.
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